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Oregon Health Science University, but we offer the flexibility to meet the requirements of most programs. Please attend one of the information sessions. AGREEMENT BETWEEN Oregon Nurses Association and. We request transcripts from nurse. To schools to serve as an arrest.


Ohsu School Of Nursing Transcript Request

OHSU shall not be subject to the requirement, unless a BSN degree for the position is required by law or by funding.

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Every state will have its own practice for reciprocity, and if a student is interested in training as a CNA to relocate to a different state, they should review the licensing requirement in the other state, in addition to Oregon.

Essay, adversity questions, and HSRT points will not be shared with applicants.

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Any eligible employee in the foregoing categories who does apply will have priority over all other applicants. Table of Contents OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. ONA benefits and bargaining representative matters. Do you have a top choice?


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