To safely and most efficiently return to normal or high level functional activity, the patient requires adequate strength, flexibility, and endurance. Similarly, a contact injury, such as when the player is clipped in football, forces the knee into an abnormal position.

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Although there are a variety of autograft and allograft options available for ACL reconstruction, advantages of hamstring tendon autografts include decreased postoperative knee pain and an overall easier surgical recovery compared with bone patellar tendon bone autograft.


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What Causes Shoulder Instability?

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Cardiovascular Conditioning You can use the elliptical trainer, stationary bicycle, rowing machine or swimming workouts to build cardiovascular fitness. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT INJURYWHAT IS THE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT?

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The progress of your strengthening will be evaluated by the physical therapist using these particular drills and the timeline in the progression. If you have any comments about this leaflet, we would be happy to hear from you, fill in our simple online form, w: www. No ready to determine your leg and the harvest on dynamometric measurements and progress, where it is autograft hamstring. As the swelling and pain subside, and the patient can put weight the leg; then the braceand crutches can be discontinued. This study also looked at different age groups and found this increased rate to be consistent across all age group.

Then try and lift your knees away from the floor by contracting your thigh muscles.

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After the first week, you may hold dumbbells while performing this exercise.


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Treacy SH, Barron OA, Brunet ME, et al.

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Perform the jumping drills listed in the appropriate phase of your rehab.


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